Features of Ginza Skin Clinic's medical hair removal and word of mouth reputation

Ginza Skin Clinic

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Outstanding access! "Skin home clinic" that you can easily feel free at Ginza

One minute walk from Ginza 1 chome. Excellent access that Ginza station, Yurakucho station etc can use. It is a skin care specialty clinic that stops on the way home from work and shopping. All the staff including the director is a woman. We aim to "Skin home clinic", and we will give total advice on skin care from depilation to skin trouble. Doctor's cosmetics available only at clinics are popular.

  • Within 5 minutes on foot from the station
  • With campaign
  • Completely private room
  • Counseling Free
  • Saturdays and Sundays are OK, too.
Ginza Skin Clinic Recommendation Point BEST 3

1Medical depilation of commitment by highly functional medical laser epilator

Introduced epilator "CoolGlide (cool glide)" which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) accepted "permanent hair loss effect". Hair can be removed from all skin types such as sunburned skin and color black, and treatment with less pain can be done in a short time. Just 5 to 10 minutes with depilation aside. We strive to keep treatment fee as low as possible and provide high-quality treatment.

2Diagnosis by specialists who specialize in cosmetic care sticking to technical strength

Tackling "painless hair removal", the director of specialists who has 20 years of career this way, carefully examines. Other doctors are also familiar with beauty medicine. We will give you the best advice while checking everything from skin quality and hair quality to skin diseases and how to care regularly. Furthermore, hair loss which does not hurt by original anesthesia is realized.

3The attentiveness of women unique to luxury salons

All the staff are ladies, including the director. Because I understand the admiration for beauty and the anxiety about treatment as taken, unique to women, we respond to patients with feelings of kindness and concern unique to women. The treatment room is a completely private room with a door, where privacy is protected. There is atmosphere like luxury salon, you can receive while relaxing. I am happy that there is no solicitation or anything.

Ginza Skin Clinic Spot story

The director of Career Woman of Bali Bali is a super-arm doctor

I'm fond of Onna who are active in the front line, Bari Bali. Look, I am the same, I do not have the same thing. That's why I adore you very much. In the first branch of "Beauty Information Plaza TV" here, I have depilated a male entertainer's beard, which is troublesome for me as a beard, like me. After that, I checked the state of unwanted hair firmly with a microscope. It was cool. After that I have appeared several times and it is a wonderful lady.

Review of Ginza Skin Clinic · Summary
IllustrationBe polite and careful for pain Pleasantly appreciate
I thought it was safe to look at the home page and decided here. Because counseling is polite, tension before treatment is relieved. Although there was a part which feels pain, there was also a part of the treatment, but it was not so painful, because I used the mind, such as output. I feel that the effect appears faster as the darker the part.
IllustrationAnesthetic medicine. VIO hair removal did not really hurt
I wrote that "There is no pain" at the word-of-mouth open space, so I decided here. Since I applied anesthesia to VIO, I had hardly any pain. After about two weeks, my hair got pulled steadily and the hair became thinner overall, and I realized the effect. It is also very beautiful inside the clinic and the staff is kind, so I recommend it.
IllustrationChange from hair loss hair loss. There is almost no pain or rough skin
I have experience of hair loss, but I stopped halfway because I did not suit you. I decided to here that it was No. 1. I pulled out my arms / legs / armpits with my first treatment. Sometimes it was tiring, but the staff member got a voice while watching the timing, so I was distracted. I was relieved without rough skin I was worried about.
IllustrationFace makeup hair slippery Supesube makeup Shine on your skin!
I had laser hair removal with other clinics before. For this time, I decided to search the net and take a whole body depilation here. Counseling was very polite. The first time is depilation of the face. There is almost no pain in about 30 minutes. From around 4th day after the treatment, hair started to come off, my face grew smoothly and my makeup got better.

Basic information on Ginza Skin Clinic

Clinic name Ginza Skin Clinic
Official website URL Http://www.hada-clinic.jp/removal/
TEL 03-6680-8386
Street address Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 1-8-19 Kirarutoginsa 9F
access ● 2 minutes on foot from the Tokyo Metro "Kyobashi" station
● 5 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro "Ginza" station
Tokyo Metro "Ginza 1-chome" station 1 minute walk
● 5 minutes on foot from JR "Yurakucho" station
Medical time Tue - Sat: 11: 00-13: 00/14: 30 - 19: 30
Holidays 11: 00-13: 00/14: 30 - 18: 30
Closed day Monday